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Exploring the Data in the Housing Theme

Housing Theme Score = 41.89/100

Explore the data, equality scores and information on housing in Tulsa here.


Featured Blogs

Tulsa Housing Authority: Creating a Better Tulsa by Creating Opportunity

March 25, 2021—Since 1967, Tulsa Housing Authority (THA) has been providing safe, affordable and decent housing for persons in the Tulsa area. Today, THA serves approximately 20,000 Tulsans per month. In this month’s blog post, Ruth Martin, THA’s Chief Legal Officer, shares THA’s actions and strategies to fulfill its mission: to create a better Tulsa by transforming lives and communities. [Read more]

 City Lights Foundation—Community of Hope

March 23, 2021—City Lights Foundation of Oklahoma not only provides relief and restoration to Tulsa's homeless community, but also meaningful relationships. Sarah Grounds, Executive Director of City Lights, shares how City Lights developed out of a desire to form relationships and learn from individuals experiencing homelessness. [Read more]


Housing Session Recap

Last month more than 50 community members joined our third of six community engagement sessions. During our March session we reviewed the Housing theme of the Tulsa Equality Indicators with Becky Gligo, Executive Director of Housing Solutions, lead agency for A Way Home for Tulsa; Elian Hurtado, Director of Client Services at Green Country Tulsa Habitat for Humanity; Kristin Maun, Housing Coordinator at the City of Tulsa Mayor's Office of Economic Development; and Rachel Runfola, Director of Veteran Programs at Community Service Council’s Supportive Services for Veteran Families.

Key Takeaways

  • 2020 Housing Theme Score: 41.89, down slightly from 42.78 in 2018.
  • Key efforts of panelists’ organizations:

Housing Solutions, as lead agency for A Way Home for Tulsa, is doing systems analysis to identify and address disparities by tracking access to programs and outcomes.

Green Country Tulsa Habitat for Humanity is engaging with underserved communities to offer trainings on financial literacy and improving credit.

City of Tulsa Mayor’s Office of Economic Development has created the Affordable Housing Trust Fund to increase the supply of affordable housing in Tulsa.

CSC's Supportive Services to Families helps veterans experiencing homelessness find housing and helps those facing eminent eviction to avoid eviction.

  • Key barriers observed by housing services providers include lack of sufficient income, misconceptions about homelessness, and systemic issues in homeless services including bias and historically racist housing policies.
  • Due largely to the great collaborative efforts among housing services providers in Tulsa, including the City of Tulsa, non-profit organizations and coalitions, record numbers of persons experiencing homelessness were sheltered and many renters avoided eviction.
  • New federal dollars are coming into Tulsa this year and next year to address homelessness.
  • Those negatively impacted by past housing policies (such as redlining or restrictive covenants) need to be decisionmakers for affordable housing investment.

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Housing Resources & Links

Resources shared by panelists and participants:

Panelists’ book recommendations:


Housing Data Indicators

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